The Company provided sponsor aid in an amount of KGS 50 thousand to the Mayor’s office of Batken for construction of additional five classrooms in “Kyzyl Jol” school


In connection with acute shortage of places in comprehensive schools in Batken,  the charitable aid fund under the Mayor’s office of Batken, established with a view to timely response to the needs of population and to provide charitable aid to population of the city, made decision to construct additional premises in the “Kyzyl Jol” school.Construction of additional five classrooms started in the past year using the own funds and the funds collected at the charitable marathon of financial funds. Today, the financial funds that the Fund has available are insufficient to continue construction that is why the management of the Company, understanding the importance of construction of this social site in Batken, made a decision to provide money funds in amount of 50 thousand KGS as sponsor aid.

Upon finalization of construction of new premises in “Kyzyl Jol” school the institution will be able to additionally take 180 students for study.