Results of national drawing competition


Dear friends, on the evening of 14th of March we received 300 more drawings from children of Talas and Naryn oblasts. The late receipt of additional drawings for the competition was purely for technical reasons: the long and unpredictable road, the courier could not get there on time. Taking into account the fact that it is a large amount of work, and children from Talas and Naryn oblasts, just like all the other contestants, tried with all their heart, we cannot leave their work without attention. Therefore today on 15th of March, we are gathering the competition commission again to review drawings from Talas and Naryn and finalize the competition results.

The results of the national drawing competition will be announced tomorrow, in the afternoon of March 16, and the awarding will be held at the Museum of Fine Arts on March 20 at 11:00 as planned.