Quick loan from Bai Tushum Bank – Yldam


Спешим обрадовать всех, кому срочно нужны деньги.

We hurry to tell the good news to everyone who urgently needs money.

Bai Tushum Bank now has quick loans Yldam, and now it is possible to receive financing in the amount of 5,000 to 50,000 soms in 1 day, having presented only 2 documents:

✅ Passport

✅ Proof of income.

A great option for urgent purchases, urgent plans or “hot” trips!

You can learn more on the website http://www.baitushum.kg/…/ret…/loan-products/kredit-yldam-2/, or call (0312) / (0770) 905-805 or WhatsApp (0777) 905-805.

Yldam – quick loans for urgent cases!