The Banker’s School classes of Bai Tushum Bank have started in Osh


This time there are 34 participants. These are the ones who, based on a step selection out of 150 applicants who submitted applications for training, received their lucky ticket.

The School opens the doors to the big world of banking for the most motivated and target-driven participants. Having successfully passed the exam and completed an internship, they will be able to start a career in Bai-Tushum Bank.

But before that, the participants will get to learn a lot of new and practically important things for the future job. Many of the topics raised by our trainers practitioners are only casually mentioned at universities. Young professionals will learn in practice

  • financial analysis,
  • conducting operations on settlement accounts and bank deposits,
  • communication with customers and sales,
  • and also get to know how the activities of the bank are organized

We will track of their progress