Credit lines

Bai Tushum Bank offers to use revolving credit lines. Credit lines allow saving time on preparation and registration of documents and receiving required finance in a timely manner.

Amount of credit line limit is defined on the basis of payment capacity evaluation and legal capacity of client, his credit history in Bank and specific features of financed project. Active bank accounts in “Bai-Tushum” Bank and positive credit history, in case if borrower has been provided loans previously, are advantage.

The Bank offers the following credit lines:

  • Revolving credit line is opened for clients who plan to cooperate with the Bank long-term and obtain loans without re-registration of collateral for different purposes. Each sub-loan on this credit line is issued after separate approval on Credit committee meeting. Revolving credit lines are provided both for replenishment of turnover funds and purchase of fixed assets.
  • Revolving credit line supposes disbursement of subsequent sub-loan within the limit of approved credit line on the basis of client’s application without need for additional approval of sub-loan on Credit committee meeting. Revolving credit lines can be provided only for corporate clients.

Credit lines are made on the condition of immovable property collateral.

Advantages of credit lines in Bai Tushum Bank:

  • Short processing time
  • Issuance of credit line in any branch of Bank
  • Individual repayment schedule fixed by loan agreement
  • Revolving credit line can be opened for a period up to 5 years
  • Possibility of financing several operating cycles
  • Quick replenishment of turnover in national and foreign currency
  • Obtaining loan funds without additional expenses on collateral re-registration
  • At collateral assessment, Bank uses ratio from 0.8, i.e. 80% of market value of property

Please contact us on any questions related to credit line provision by phone No.: (312) 905 805