«Bai – Tushum» Bank Closed joint-stock company is the Bank with well established business traditions and high corporate culture. The most important value of the Bank is the friendly, solid team of the like-minded people focused on implementation of the Bank’s mission and goals. Key component of success and faultless reputation of the Bank  in the financial market is highly skilled and motivated personnel with relevant education degrees and work experience in financial sector.

The key principles of the human resources policy of the Bank are:

  • building up the confidential relations,
  • honesty and observance of mutual obligations on part of the Bank and on part of the personnel,
  • respect of opinion of the personnel,
  • providing an opportunity of making of administrative decisions,
  • involving the personnel in strategic development of the Bank,
  • motivation to achievement of the goals,
  • rising of responsibility for the end result.

Microfinance bank “Bai-Tushum” can be reasonably named a socially responsible employer in the market of Kyrgyzstan. In the Bank there are more than 360 employees, and occupational safety issues along with observance of the labor rights of employees are traditionally in the focus. It is important to notice, that over the last 10 years, the synergy of business strategy and staff social well-being policy has become one of the conditions of successful development of the Bank, and allowed to create the basis for effective cooperation and favorable environment.

Within the frameworks of human resources management policy, the Bank encourages motivation of its staff to development and training: the system of improvement of professional skill of the personnel is provided by means of training at both, internal and external workshops and seminars, both in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, and beyond. The objective of the trainings is development of practical skills with the help of which each staff member can raise the quality of services provided.

«Bai – Tushum» Microfinance bank Closed joint-stock company is a real opportunity for professional and personal growth, success, prosperity, stability and confidence in the future! The Bank pays great attention to material and non-material motivation of the staff. One of the kinds of material stimulation of the staff is an attractive, well thought bonus system stimulating the staff on achievement of the general expected performance indicators, by the branches and by the whole Bank.