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A special soft product for women entrepreneurs. It is designed to promote the implementation of business development plans, replenishment of working assets, equipment acquisition, purchase of premises etc. It is possible to obtain a credit facility. An appealing bonus of this product is the refund of 5 percent per annum conditioned upon the full obligations fulfillment.

Loan disbursement conditions:

  • Loan amount: KGS 300,001 to KGS 2 mln.
  • Loan period: 3 to 60 months
  • Currency: KGS
  • Grace period of up to 6 months for principal may be granted
  • Interest rate*: in KGS at least 25%
  • Collateral: immovable property or combined collateral: movables + immovables.

Requirements applicable to borrower:

  • Woman at the age of 18 to 65
  • Work experience in the funded field of at least 3 months

List of necessary documents:

  • Passport copy of borrower, spouse and guarantors (if any)
  • Passport copy of pledger and pledger’s spouse (if the pledger is a third party)
  • Borrower’s marital status documents (and pledger’s, if any)
  • Any documents that evidence the 3 month experience in the funded field
  • Copies of basic business documents
  • PE registration certificate or short-term license (patent)
  • Guarantee of business owners (at least 51%)
  • Documents for the mortgaged immovable property (technical certificate, title document, statement of no restraints)
  • Documents for the pledged movable property (if any), pledged immovable property and stocks inventory

Additional documents for legal entities:

  • Legal entity registration certificate
  • Charter, constitutive agreement
  • Business plan
  • Statements from the STI and Social Fund of no indebtedness
  • Financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in owner’s equity).
  • Decision of the authorized body on the establishment of legal entity, on borrowing loan and providing collateral
  • Notarized specimen signatures of the persons with authority to sign

* effective interest rate: in KGS at least 28.01%

**The interest rate and repayment schedule depends on the requested amount, loan term, solvency, collateral provided and others. Sales specialist will provide you with the repayment schedule, according to the requested amount and the above conditions.