Loan and grant for the purchase of new operating equipment, repairs or reconstruction of buildings for the ones who plan to expand business and upgrade production processes.Grant: up to 35%* of amount of spent funds for energy efficiency, financed from funds of Investment program for Central Asia (European Union).

“Energosaramjal” loan within the framework of KYRSEFF program.

The program provides funding for:

  • energy efficiency projects in the sphere of services, production and processing of agricultural products, greenhouses
  • repair / reconstruction of real estate for the purpose of thermal insulation
  • replacement and modernization of energy-intensive production processes, air compressors, boilers, engines, pumps, power distribution system
  • install variable speed drives, heating, air conditioning, lighting, steam distribution system
  • other solutions in the field of renewable energy: hydropower, biogas, wind generators, photovoltaic panels

Requirements for borrower:

  • entrepreneurship experience from 3 or 6 months
  • Positive credit history

Main conditions:

  • Currency: som
  • Annual interest rate: 30 % per annum**
  • Entrepreneurship experience: from 3 months
  • Loan amount: from 20,000 som to 5 million som
  • Lending period: 3 months to 5 years
  • Own contribution: not required
  • Collateral: — up to 150,000 som without collateral under guarantee of 2 people, loan term max 12 months — up to 300,000 som – movable property and guarantee of 1 person, loan term max 36 months — over 300,000 som – movable and immovable property
  • Insurance: not required

List of documents:

  • Copy of certificate of private entrepreneur/patent registration
  • Documents that can indirectly or directly confirm the receipt of income (turnover on cash book, internal accounting records etc.)

 Why is it profitable?

  • grants from 10 to 35 % of the amount of money spent on energy efficiency , financed by the
  • Investment Program for Central Asia ( the European Union )
  • BUSINESS EXPANSION due to modernization of production
  • EFFECTIVE USE OF ENERGY RESOURCES in production premises in winter time
  • REDUCTION OF EXPENSES for utilities

How to obtain an “Energosaramjal” loan?

  • Develop budget for your energy efficiency projects for the preliminary calculation of the grant.
  • Prepare a list of materials and equipment that you are going to use.
  • Select the necessary equipment and materials from the list posted on the website www.Kyrseff.kg.
  • Contact the company where you will purchase equipment or materials, and precise quotations.
  • Contact the nearest office of the Bank “Bai-Tushum” or call our Call Center at (312) 905 805 – Bank specialists will inform you in detail the conditions and procedures for obtaining a loan.

 Success story

Rustam is a businessman, owner of a company, he has several production departments. He planned to install a heat pumps and solar collectors, which would allow saving on energy consumption and provide supply of heat and hot water. When he learnt about new profitable loan “Energosaramjal in Bai Tushum bank” and having consulted KYRSEFF program experts, Rustam developed an exact budget of expenditures and took out a loan in the amount of KGS 500,000 for 1 year. Interest payments on loan will be KGS 84,923 per 1 year. It should be noted that when purchasing new equipment, Rustam is planning to observe all conditions of the program, as he wants to receive a Grant from KYRSEFF. Thus he will not only install energy efficient equipment, but will also receive a grant in the amount of KGS 100,000, cover potential expenses on loan and will be at an advantage. KGS 100,000 (grant amount) – 84,923 som (amount of interest on loan) = 15077 som!

For all questions, please contact Call-center of the Bank: (312) 905 805

KyrSEFF is an innovation program for financing housing and commercial sectors, accompanied by a set of free technical assistance activities – consulting, conducting energy audit, helping to prepare budget etc. KyrSEFF combines specialized loan products and investment grants for clients in housing and industrial sectors,  financed from funds of Investment program for Central Asia (European Union).

*Amount of grant payments is defined by KYRSEFF program in each case separately, depending on type of effective actions and amount of spent funds for energy efficiency.

** Effective interest rate: 34.47% per annum.

***The interest rate and repayment schedule depends on the requested amount, loan term, solvency, collateral provided and others. Sales specialist will provide you with the repayment schedule, according to the requested amount and the above conditions.