Business approach


A long term loan for assets increasing plan realization, new business direction development, high-priced equipment financing, and new technologies development. The possibility of issuing a loan line is provided.

Conditions of providing a loan:

  • Loan amount: form 1 million som (equivalent in a foreign currency)
  • Loan term: from 3 to 60 months
  • Interest rate*: KGS – from 24 %, USD – from 11%
  • Loan’s Guarantee: real estate or combined: real estate + movable property

Requirements for a borrower:

  • The age of an entrepreneur/business owner: from 18 to 65 years
  • Business work experience: not less than 6 months
  • Positive credit history

The list of required documents:

  • Copies of borrower’s and his/her spouse passports
  • Copies of the mortgagor’s and his/her spouse’s passports (if the mortgagor is a third person)
  • Documents about borrower’s (and mortgagor’s if present) marital status
  • Any documents confirming the presence of a 6-month working experience in the financed field
  • Copies of initial business documents
  • Certificate of business or patent registration
  • Surety of the business owners (not less than 51%)
  • Documents on the pledged real estate (datasheet, constitutive documents, certificate confirming absence of prohibition on the property)
  • Documents on the pledged movable property (if present), movable property and pledged inventory registration
  • Other documents required for making a loan provision decision.

Additional documents for legal entities:

  • Certificate of the legal entity’s registration
  • Charter, memorandum of association
  • Business plan
  • Certificates from the State tax inspection and Social Fund, confirming the absence of any debts
  • Financial reports (Balance sheet, income and loss statement, cash flow statement, statement of capital accounts)
  • The decision of competent authorities about establishing a legal entity. About receiving of loan and pledging collateral
  • Two sample signature and seal cards with the right of signature, attested notarially

You can find out more about the new loan program here.

* effective interest rate is from: KGS-26,76%; USD – 13,77%

**The interest rate and repayment schedule depends on the requested amount, loan term, solvency, collateral provided and others. Sales specialist will provide you with the repayment schedule, according to the requested amount and the above conditions.