Requirements for deposit

Documents necessary for individuals to open a deposit:

  • passport or another client’s identification document;

 List of identification documents that are acceptable for  banking operations:

  • KR citizen’s passport issuance of 2004. (ID card);
  • passport issuance of 1994 that is not expired;
  • KR citizen’s international passport if notes of diplomatic representation or consular institution of Kyrgyz Republic about consular registration or for permanent place of residence and valid residence permit in the country of residence, and also marital status records are present.
  • Identification of an officer, ensign or conscript’s military ID
  • For international citizens and individuals without citizenship: document, confirming the right of a foreign citizen or an individual without citizenship to stay (live) in the Kyrgyz Republic (International citizen’s passport, residence permit, permit for temporary residence, refugee’s ID);

 Documents required for opening a deposit/account for legal entities