Corporate social responsibility


Bai-Tushum Bank has been contributing to society support and development for 16 years through the implementation of charity and sponsorship programs and projects in education and social security. This activities form an integral part of bank’s business and, ultimately, promote the sustainable economic development, improved quality of life and social support of population in the regions.

In 2015 the Bank’s approach to charity and sponsorship remained unchanged. It is still based on the principles of consistency and long-term effect, targeting, openness and transparency. Priority is given to regular clients and beneficiaries that significantly contribute to society development for many years: to kindergartens, socially vulnerable children, including children from asocial families, children with disabilities, boarding schools and nursing homes for elderly.

In 2015 Bank’s charitable actions devoted to important national holidays, such as Children’s Day, Orozo Ait, Day of Persons with Disabilities, covered more than 2,000 children, who received aid in the form of the targeted delivery of presents with sweets, products, toys and stationery. For some boarding schools the Bank purchased appliances, furniture, organized festive shows and activities with contests and prizes.

Following its many years of tradition, before the 9th of May Bai-Tushum Bank congratulated veterans with the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and financed festive activities in the regions, implemented together with the members of public authorities. More than 500 veterans and home front workers across Kyrgyzstan received money gifts and food packages.

A number of charity events were devoted to the month of Ramadan, a month of compassion, mercy and noble actions sacred for all Muslims. At the initiative of the management, the representatives of 13 Bank’s offices across Kyrgyzstan organized a collective iftar (break of fast, evening meals during Ramadan) for more than 800 people, who observed the fast. The guests were entertained to tasty pilaf, many fruits, sweets and pastries.

It is necessary to point out that the Bank regularly provides assistance to those, who are in need and who don’t receive sufficient support from the state.

In addition to its engagement in charity events, the Bank on individual basis regularly assists those people, who really require such assistance, by paying for expensive treatment, purchasing medicine, food and cloths. Bank’s employees actively participate in financial aid mobilization, and promptly respond to the requests of fellow citizens by collecting money, books, toys, cloths etc.

Social projects

Responsibility. Assistance. Support . Development

Since the founding the Bank has been actively involved in promoting social and economic development of the country, always focusing its activities on the international practice of corporate social responsibility and seeking to make a significant contribution to improving the welfare of the population and sustainable development of the regions through the launch of social programs.

The Board of Directors of the Bai-Tushum Bank made decision on borders expanding of charity and support of projects contributing to improving standards of life in regions of Kyrgyzstan. After investigation of the most urgent problems in distant regions, the Bank selected for funding and successfully completed 7 social projects in Talas, Chui, Batken, Naryn, Jalalabat and Osh oblasts for total amount more than 4,1 mln. KGS.